Wednesday, July 20, 2011

D.D. Jewlery and Designs

This young aspiring artist lives in my home. She is my Darling Daughter. (D.D. Jewelry and Designs). DD loves to create. She is an artist at heart. Weather it be decorating rocks painting murals or designing jewelry this little artist is always creating. D.D. wants to start her own ETSY shop to show off her creative designs. So I am going to host her on Camillescloset.

I have asked D.D. Some questions

1. What is your Favorite Supply to use in your creations?


2. Do you like Fancy or Plain buttons the best? I must say Fancy

3. What is your Favorite jewelry item to make?


3. What do you plan to do in the future?

Become a vet.

4. Will you make more than just earrings and if so what?

Button Bracelets.

5. Tell us something funny about your self? I don't wanna.

So I will tell you. I asked DD if she was gonna get married and have baby's she said Nope! My Bff is gonna get married and her husband is gonna do everything for us and take care of us and my dog.

Words from an aspiring Etsy Artisit.

Come check out her items at Camille's Closet.


  1. D.D. is off to a great start - early, too!

  2. Great interview! Good luck to DD!!

  3. I love it. Becoming a vet and making jewelry. Way to go DD

  4. Aw, that's so cute and funny! My Kylie (Kaitlin & Kylie's) gets so excited about the chocolate shop...and business in general. She's 7. Kaitlin is 3 so she just wants to eat the chocolate. But at least now she's knows whenever I'm making stuff, she has to ask if it's for a "cuthtomer" (she has a little lisp).:)

  5. How fun to interview her! With your support, she'll be a success at whatever she decides to do, I'm sure!

  6. oh god that's so funny!:))) *hugs, welcoming her to our etsy family*

  7. Adorable! I'd love to see those button bracelets :)

  8. D.D. say's Thanks everyone for your comments.

  9. So cute! I love it when the kids join in creating :D I was a little hesitant with my "baby penguins" but they quickly proved to me they can create with the best of them...Good Luck and Happy Creating to DD! BTW - I LOVED the interview - might have to steal the idea, if you don't mind ;)