Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Before and Middle

I blogged once about my running and I thought that maybe it was time to do it again. Running for me is a release. Something to get rid of the stress and the mubo jumbo (if that is how It is spelled) that goes on in my head. It is my time to not think about one thing to be at peace with my self and enjoy what is going on around me. I started running after watching my hubby run his first marathon. I wanted a piece of what he had just earned. I trained and I trained hard to run my first marathon, a hip injury and a knee injury and ton's of phycial therapy, I was semi healed. Ready to go again. I have ran all but one race on my schedule this year due to some medical issues but man what an accomplishment I keep telling myself. The real reason for me going on and on about my running is this. I love to run, I gain creative inspiration from running. It has allowed me to come up with an entire line of jewelry that I will soon be posting. It makes me appreciate life and myself so much more. When I have had a stressful day(like today) I know that I can get my shoes on and go for a run. The pictures I have posted are before and Middle pics of me. I have lost 77 lbs I have a little more to go( Hence the name Before and middle cuz I am in the middle of my weight lose journey). I met an inspiring individual on my saterday 18 mile run. A really fun lady. She said while she was runs every time a new song comes on her Ipod she thinks of something she is grateful for. She told me about her after race ritual. After about 5 miles of running with her she left me behind and said see you at the finish line. I did not believe that she would be waiting for me at all. Just a nice little saying to part ways with right. Well readers I came in last ( in my defence kind of 4 lady's dropped out that were behind me) This dear runner was at the finish line waiting for me 45 min's after she crossed the finish line. Screaming cheering my name and jumping up and down. I was shocked and started balling. In my pain and agony of the possible re injury of my knee she reminded me why I run, and gave me the faith and confidence that I could do it and it did not mater that I came in last, it mattered that I finished it. She also made the running company keep the finish line up for me to cross LOL. It still makes me cry just typing this. (PS the handsome boy standing next to me in the second pic is my son)

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